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December 14, 2019

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Welcome To Live Tele-Vetting Services


Although the steady stream of news and information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted each of us and how we function in our daily lives. We are committed to offering a safe and healthy environment for our clients, their pets, and our hospital team.


All things considered, we at Lawrence Animal Hospital are devoted to providing the same excellent pet care you've become accustomed to.  In order to do so we are now offering live Tele-Vetting services via Skype (video conference).  Because we are limiting walk-in appointments, unless it is an emergency, we are requesting this service be utilized for all non-emergency appointments. To do this we are implementing the following procedures at Lawrence Animal Hospital.   


Here's how this will work:


Non-Emergency Appointments  

  • Call in or book your appointment online as you normally would requesting live Tele-Vetting.      

  • Your appointment request will be sent to us via email if booked online and a confirmation of your requested appointment time will follow.

  • At your appointment time, Dr. Wier will initiate a video call with you.  (this feature can be used on your iPhone, Android, Tablet and or Desktop as long as you have a camera/video feature on your smart device).

  • This video call now becomes your Virtual Office Exam.  


Should additional treatment be needed we will provide you with a drop off time for one of our trained technicians to meet you at your car to bring your pet into the hospital. No additional "Office Visit" charge will apply after the initial call.  


If your virtual visit requires a prescription, we will provide a pick-up time, where one of our trained technicians will meet you at your car, with medication and instructions.  When you are given your pick-up or drop off time, you will complete your payment during that phone call to limit the wait time.  A copy of your invoice and receipt will be sent via email.


Routine Annual Vaccinations...No Worries!

  • Call ahead of time for an appointment or book your appointment online.

  • Once you have arrived, one of our trained technicians will meet you at your car to bring your pet into the hospital.  

  • Free bathing services are provided with Annual Vaccinations, so enjoy running those errands while we take care of your fur baby.  

  • When your pet is ready to go home, you will receive a call with a pick-up time. Payments will be completed during that call and all invoices, Rabies Certificates and receipts will be sent via email.

  • At pick-up time one of our technicians will bring your pet to your car.  


For Any Emergency Pet Visit


We have plans in place to help ensure your pet receives the care it needs while keeping our staff healthy and safe.  This will also include having a staff member in protective equipment meet you at your car to bring the pet into the hospital.

  • No personal items can be kept with the pet while hospitalized, including blankets, toys, collars, leashes, etc.

  • Please clean your carrier as carefully as possible before arrival with an alcohol-based solution.

  • All invoice copies and receipts will be sent via email.

Thank you for your understanding and please do not hesitate to call us with any questions. We’re here for you, our patients, and the communities in which we live. We will continue to keep you informed as news and information becomes available.


Thank you for being part of the Lawrence Animal Hospital Family.




Holly Goodman

Practice Administrator

Lawrence Animal Hospital



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