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Cats: Wet vs Dry Food

Food expert Nicole Paley shares her thoughts:

While some cat owners swear by wet food, others insists that dry is best. However, both sides have benefits and if feeding a complete diet, they'll both deliver all the nutrients your cat needs in his daily diet.

The benefits of dry cat food: Dry complete diets have some specific plus points - they are convenient, easy to measure and use, easier to store, and have a longer shelf-life once opened than wet foods. Some may also help to remove plaque from the teeth.

If you choose dry food, you can expect your cat to chew it more actively and take longer to eat, to drink more water and return regularly to the food rather than eating it all at once.

The benefits of wet cat food: Some cats simply prefer wet food's aroma and texture, and it can still be very convenient with single-serve formats enduring fresh, easy-to-serve meal each time. Cats who eat wet food will eat more in one sitting rather than going back and forth, and will drink less as there is higher water content in wet food than in dry food.

The amount of water intake is particularly important for cats prone to constipation or the formation of urinary crystals/stones, or if they have diabetes or kidney disease - therefore feeding a wet food can be especially beneficial for cats with these conditions.

Mix it up: When give a choice, many cats seem to prefer a mixture of both wet and dry foods compared to dry or wet only. Wet food is shown to increase enjoyment and add variety to a diet because of the wide selection of textures. On the other hand, dry food satisfies a cat's natural desire to eat many small meals throughout the day.

There are no hard and fast rules, check with your vet to insure you are meeting your cats dietary needs.

Interesting fact! If your cat is reluctant to drink water, try a larger ceramic bowl. Did you know, most cats do not like when their whiskers touch the sides of the bowl?

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