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December 14, 2019

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Your Dog’s Bucket List Is Far More Hilarious Than Yours

(Please note most of these ideas are offered from a dog’s point of view and aren’t meant to be taken seriously)


Here are a few of our choices from the article published on Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Shaw Becker


1.  Stay at home dog parents Most dogs would love it if mom or dad (or both) could find a nice work-from-home job so they wouldn’t be alone so much during the week.


2.  Lidless kitchen trashcans for all Is it really too much to ask pet parents to leave the kitchen garbage accessible for one lousy year?


3.  Couch privileges! What dog who isn’t allowed on the furniture wouldn’t love the opportunity to celebrate the Year of the Dog on the couch?


4.  Co-sleeping (it’s not just for babies) Your dog knows for a fact that no matter how soft, supportive and comfortable her own extravagantly expensive doggy bed is, yours is better. She thinks the Year of the Dog gives you 365 opportunities to share your a much better bed with her.


5.  An end to the evil vacuum’s reign of terror Seriously mom, dad … what is that hideous thing? Why does it make such an ear-splitting noise? Do you know how sensitive my ears are? And it stalks me, I swear! Could you put the blasted thing away for the Year of the Dog? Or forever?

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